Nodibinājums "Centrs Valdardze"
„Šī informācija sagatavota ar 80.00% Eiropas Savienības finansiālu atbalstu no Eiropas Sociālā fonda un 20.00% Latvijas valsts budžeta finansiālu atbalstu. Par šīs informācijas saturu pilnībā atbild nodibinājums "Vidzemes reģionālais atbalsta centrs Valdardze" un tas nevar tikt uzskatīts par Eiropas Kopienas vai Latvijas valsts viedokli.”

Foundation "Centre" Dardedze "" on 1 December 2010 signed an agreement with the Society Integration Foundation to execute the project "Volunteers for improving the children’ wellbeing in the family" within the framework of „Latvian and Swiss cooperation programme in the block grant" NGO Fund " where the Vidzeme Regional Support Centre "Dardedze” is involved as a partner and will implement the project activities in Valmiera.

The aim of the project is to create operating programme for volunteers in Latvia which would be based on voluntary work experience world-wide, where volunteers, in collaboration with NGOs and local municipalities would provide support to preschool children in families from groups at risk of various social exclusion and poverty, thus supporting both the volunteers and families by improving the quality of life
and reducing social exclusion. Within the project, it is intended to develop a volunteer training program, to attract, select and train mentors and volunteers, to carry out the selection of families, to implement voluntary support activity within families, as well as to organize the final workshop.

The planned project will result with an implementation of the system for recruitment, training, supervision and support of volunteers who will specifically deal with preschool age children who are brought up in disadvantageous families, including families where children are brought up by elderly people. It is planned to involve and train at least 50 volunteers and provide support to at least 100 children and 20 seniors. The collaboration model between NGOs and local municipalities will be established which will foreseen a support and mentoring programme for, under which at least 16 mentors will be selected and trained. It is also planned to provide information on the established volunteer programme and its early findings to the general public, NGOs and local municipalities.

The estimated project costs are 91'999, 94 LVL. The project will be implemented by  center “Dardedze " in collaboration with - Vidzeme Regional Support Centre" Dardedze ", Talsi Regional Crisis Centre, Ventspils crisis center for families with children "Paspārne” and Riga City Council Welfare Department from 1 December 2010 until 31 May 2012.

Sub-project is financed by the Swiss Confederation and the Republic of Latvia and Latvian Swiss Cooperation Programme for the enlarged European Union. For additional information about the programme visit:   and .

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