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„Šī informācija sagatavota ar 80.00% Eiropas Savienības finansiālu atbalstu no Eiropas Sociālā fonda un 20.00% Latvijas valsts budžeta finansiālu atbalstu. Par šīs informācijas saturu pilnībā atbild nodibinājums "Vidzemes reģionālais atbalsta centrs Valdardze" un tas nevar tikt uzskatīts par Eiropas Kopienas vai Latvijas valsts viedokli.”

Foundation "Centre" Dardedze "" on 1 December 2010 signed an agreement with the Society Integration Foundation to execute the project "Child as a victim or a witness in a criminal procedure" within the framework of „Latvian and Swiss cooperation programme in the block grant" NGO Fund " where the Vidzeme Regional Support Centre "Dardedze” is involved as a partner and will implement the project activities in Valmiera.

The aim of the project is to promote the coherence in actions contributing to provision of child’s rights between the institutions during the investigation and trail processes where the child is involved in criminal procedure as a victim or a witness in order to ensure the child's interests and recovery of the life’s quality. It is planned to develop the guidelines for interrogation of under-age children and the standard interrogation room as well as to carry out approbation of guidelines and standard, printing of materials and organisation of closing workshop for experts involved.

The planned project will result with a development of guidelines for interrogation of under-age children and development of the standard interrogation room used at least in 5 Latvian NGOs, involving at least 50 children.  It is planned that the impact from the workshop attended by institutions and their experts where the guidelines and standard will be distributed, will increase the number of children involved in criminal proceedings who will be questioned by using technical aids, thus reducing the number of cases where children are at risk of being repeatedly involved in a criminal offense as victims and  will help to  reduce victimization and possibility of repeated-harm and improve children's quality of life.

The estimated project costs are 22'998, 86 LVL. The project will be implemented by  center “Dardedze" in collaboration with - Vidzeme Regional Support Centre" Dardedze ", Talsi Regional Crisis Centre, Ventspils crisis center for families with children "Paspārne” and Riga City Council Welfare Department from 1 December 2010 until 30 November 2011.

Sub-project is financed by the Swiss Confederation and the Republic of Latvia and Latvian Swiss Cooperation Programme for the enlarged European Union. For additional information about the programme visit:   and .

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