Nodibinājums "Centrs Valdardze"
„Šī informācija sagatavota ar 80.00% Eiropas Savienības finansiālu atbalstu no Eiropas Sociālā fonda un 20.00% Latvijas valsts budžeta finansiālu atbalstu. Par šīs informācijas saturu pilnībā atbild nodibinājums "Vidzemes reģionālais atbalsta centrs Valdardze" un tas nevar tikt uzskatīts par Eiropas Kopienas vai Latvijas valsts viedokli.”

Foundation „Vidzeme region support centre DARDEDZE” in April 2010 started to execute a project "Support for Parents" with the financial support of Soros Foundation Latvia Emergency Assistance Fund. The total budget of project is EUR 12 842. For more information about the Soros Foundation Latvia supported activities visit:


Within the framework of project the hall on the third floor of foundation „Vidzeme region support centre DARDEDZE” premises was fully equipped and adjusted to be used for training of parents and work with support groups. The art and dance therapists were involved in order to improve social rehabilitation services provided to abused children and women. The bulletin about the Centre was published. Three training programmes were offered to parents.


Training programme “Children’s emotional education" was designed for those parents who

desire to improve their parental skills in bringing up children and building a positive relationships with their children, as well as those parents who are already encountering difficulties in their children's upbringing.


Activities contained the information about the child's life stages the practical suggestions for successful child’s upbringing were given in accordance with the principles that promote the child's emotional development.

Target audience: parents who have at least one child not older than 7 years.

 Facilitators: Vineta Gončare and Agrita Dreiblate.

In cooperation with Valmiera city Social Services "Behavior correction training program for parents" was executed, which consisted of 3 parts.

The first part of Training “Motivating Parents”. Opportunities for parents to identify their own resources, values ​​and goals. Facilitators Indra Pine and Iveta Mendziņa.

            The second part of Training “Parenting skills and knowledge in children’s upbringing ". Training programme for parents who wished to improve their parenting skills when dealing with child with behavior problems and to acquire skills in conflict resolution and stress management. Facilitators Indra Pine and Vija Toca.

            The third part of Training "Parent-child relationships".  During training parents had the opportunity to improve their knowledge about family’s emotional health, parent-child attachment, and receive educational information about domestic violence and family conflict resolution capabilities. Facilitators Manager Indra Pine and Iveta Mendziņa.

            Training programme "Encouragement for parents” was targeted to parents of children aged between 7 - 16. The program helped parents find their inner resources and receive support.  Facilitator Iveta Kreišmane.


Project manager

 Eva Sāre - Aizsilniece

Raiņa iela 9f, Valmiera, LV – 4201
Tel. 64220686
Fax. 64220686
e-mail [email protected]
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